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Shiraz Eggplant
Fire-roasted, with caramelized onions, garlic,
eggs, and Shiraz spice. Served with lavash bread.
(169 cal.)
Fatoosh Salad
Fatoosh Salad
Fatoosh Salad
Romaine hearts, persian somagh, feta, olives,
parsley, tomatoes, quinoa, Shiraz dressing.
(518 cal.)     1/2 salad (259 cal.)
A dip made from chickpeas.
Served with lavash bread. (247 cal.)
Spicy Avocado Bruschetta
Fire-roasted habanero cilantro pesto with
avocado, feta, diced tomatoes and scallions on
zatar bread. (592 cal.)
Seasonal Soups
See counter for availability, 8 oz.
Shiraz Rolls
Feta, tomatoes, fresh herbs, wrapped in
lavash bread. (553 cal.)
Shwarma Wrap with Chicken and Hummus Side
Shwarma Warp with Chicken and Hummus side
Chickpea patties infused with cilantro. Served in
a spinach wrap with tzatziki and sriracha sauce.
Open face available. (649 cal.)
Shiraz Panini
Your choice of tabbouleh or quinoa with avocado
and pepper-jack cheese. Served grilled in lavash
bread. (with tabbouleh 534 cal.)
(with quinoa 620 cal.)
Shwarma Wrap
Fatoosh salad wrapped in a spinach tortilla, with
tzatziki sauce and roasted habanero with grilled
chicken or ground beef. (with chicken 670 cal.)
(with ground beef 454 cal.)
Shiraz Rolls
Shiraz Rolls
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