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Shiraz Eggplant
Fire-roasted, with caramelized onions, garlic,
eggs, and Shiraz spice. Served with lavash bread.
(169 cal.) $4.99
Fatoosh Salad
Fatoosh Salad
Fatoosh Salad
Romaine hearts, persian somagh, feta, olives,
parsley, tomatoes, quinoa, Shiraz dressing.
(518 cal.) $7.49      1/2 salad (259 cal.) $3.99
A dip made from chickpeas.
Served with lavash bread. (247 cal.) $3.99
Spicy Avocado Bruschetta
Fire-roasted habanero cilantro pesto with
avocado, feta, diced tomatoes and scallions on
zatar bread. (592 cal.) $6.99
Seasonal Soups
See counter for availability, 8 oz. $3.99
Shiraz Rolls
Feta, tomatoes, fresh herbs, wrapped in
lavash bread. (553 cal.) $5.25
Shwarma Wrap with Chicken and Hummus Side
Shwarma Warp with Chicken and Hummus side
Chickpea patties infused with cilantro. Served in
a spinach wrap with tzatziki and sriracha sauce.
Open face available. (649 cal.) $5.49
Shiraz Panini
Your choice of tabbouleh or quinoa with avocado
and pepper-jack cheese. Served grilled in lavash
bread. (with tabbouleh 534 cal.)
(with quinoa 620 cal.) $6.49
Shwarma Wrap
Fatoosh salad wrapped in a spinach tortilla, with
tzatziki sauce and roasted habanero with grilled
chicken or ground beef. (with chicken 670 cal.)
(with ground beef 454 cal.) $7.49
Shiraz Rolls
Shiraz Rolls
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